OK, so your new SKINS have arrived! But you’re not quite sure how to get them on. Don’t worry, you’re not the first, and you probably won’t be the last. Compression Sportswear is supposed to feel tight – probably tighter than anything you’ve worn before unless you’re a frequent wearer of Shapewear. But even though they’re tight, they’re still meant to be comfortable and shouldn’t pinch or restrict your movement in any way.

When you receive your SKINS, put them on and walk around in them for a little while. They will take some getting used to, but after about 10 minutes you shouldn’t notice that you’re wearing them. Hence, SKINS. Get it? To make sure they’re not too big, do this simple little test; try to pull the fabric away from your skin. If it comes away easily and you can stretch it out a fair way from your body, they’re likely to be too loose, and you should go down a size.


If you’re trying to get into a pair of Long Tights, we suggest you scrunch them up from the waist down to the ankle and put one foot in first – the same as you would do if you were putting on a pair of pantyhose. Do the same on the other leg. Then gradually pull each leg up – taking care to keep the seams running up your legs as you go.

Gentlemen, you’ll notice you have a pouch at the front for your tackle. Just make sure this is at the front when you put the Tights on – you won’t believe how many people we’ve seen running around with their Tights on backwards – that CAN’T be comfortable.


Getting into a Long Sleeve Top is similar to getting into a pair of Long Tights. We suggest you put your arms in first and then pull the body down over your head. The seam alignment on the tops is crucial to maintaining complete freedom of movement. If you’re feeling any restriction at all, play around with repositioning the seams until you feel no restriction.

All our SERIES-5 and SERIES-3 compression tops have a gripper on the inside hem. If you pull this down over the top of your tights or whatever you’re wearing on your bottom half, it will help hold the top in place and stop it from creeping up your torso.