We are the pioneers of Compression Sportswear. Established in 1996 and reinvigorated in 2019, our new series’ SKINS Compression Sportswear is the best on the market. Specifically designed for the younger athlete, the SKINS Youth range isn’t just a smaller version of the adult products. Each garment is developed to provide the correct level of compression at exactly the right time, supporting the sport-stars of tomorrow, when they need it most.


Our Youth Compression Long Tights aren’t just a smaller version SKINS adult Long Tights; they’re specifically designed with targeted compression to support developing glutes, hamstrings and quads. Our Youth compression Long Tights help stabilise young athlete’s developing muscles which help prevent tissue damage and fatigue.


Designed for tomorrow’s young athletic star, SKINS youth Compression Half Tights offer important compression to developing upper leg muscles. SKINS Youth Compression Half Tights help young athletes work harder and longer whilst reducing the risk of injury.


Specifically designed for the young athlete, SKINS Youth Compression Tops offer support for developing arm muscles as well as stabilising the chest and shoulders during athletic activity. SKINS Compression Tops also help minimise fatigue and promote precision movement, across all sporting activities.