Considering it's Veganuary, it would be remiss of us not to remind you that all new SERIES SKINS™ Compression and Activewear are vegan.

We tend to concentrate on the science and tech in our garments because, obviously, those are the most important aspects. They’re what make SKINS™ so good. We also spend a lot of time discussing the compression benefits SKINS offer. Unfortunately, this means that the fact our New SERIES garments are vegan can often fly under the radar. Still, it doesn’t mean to say that it’s not a crucial part of our offering. Nor was it an unconscious decision.


Now more than ever, we have a responsibility to make better, more sustainable choices about the clothes we wear, including the clothes in our workout wardrobe.

To play our part in reducing our carbon footprint, we made the conscious and important decision to make our new SERIES SKINS vegan. This means there are no animal products whatsoever in the new SKINS. This includes the dyes and even the glue for the heat seal logos.

Offering vegan products and obtaining certification from PETA is just one part of a broader responsibility to operate sustainably within an industry that is notorious for fast fashion. We’re not pretending we’re perfect. We’re also not hiding the fact our business has a carbon footprint. However, we are actively looking for and testing fabric innovations that will help us improve our sustainability efforts—all whilst offering the same standard of compression you’re used to.


When it comes to our new SERIES SKINS, there is no compromise. There’s no need to choose between a pair of compression Long tights that work or a vegan pair. We have over 25 years of compression research and development under our belts. As a result, we combined that knowledge and tech with vegan fabrics to create a collection of vegan Compression Sportswear with 0 compromises on compression benefits or general benefits such as moisture-wicking and UV+50.

None of this happened overnight, but we’re proud to be able to offer some of the most advanced vegan Compression Sportswear on the market.