From the Olympics to Saturday Park Runs, Arm Sleeves are becoming increasingly common, but why do runners wear them?

First, we must establish the hugely important role our arms play when it comes to running. When we run, we swing our arms back and forth. Pumping our arms keeps us upright, and it helps our bodies evenly distribute power from one side to the other. In other words, our arms keep us balanced and efficient which is why they require the same respect our legs do, and that means arm sleeves.

Compression Arm Sleeves are designed to wrap your forearm and bicep muscle bellies properly, which result in the following:

  1. Reduced muscle vibrations and energy loss that come from impact and movement.
  2. Reduced swelling from muscle vibrations and tears. 
  3. Elevated blood circulation meaning an increase in oxygen to the working muscles.
  4. Dissipation of waste products such as lactic acid. 

Athletes use garments like SKINS Arm Sleeves because of the marginal gains, and we all know that every fraction of a second counts.

There are some other perks too. 

Sun protection. 

Our SKINS SERIES-1 Arm Sleeves, much like most of our Compression Sportswear, offer 50+ UV protection. When you’re pounding the pavements or hitting the trails every day, any extra steps to look after your skin is a bonus. 

Temperature Regulation.

We’ve all added that extra layer that we’ve regretted, just as we’re a tad too far to turn back. Compression Arm Sleeves not only offer versatility, but by their very nature, they also regulate your body temperature thanks to improved circulation. SKINS Arm Sleeves also have built-in wicking, keeping you dry and helping with temperature regulation. 


Recovery is about applying the correct amount of pressure to passive muscles. Your muscles get broken down when you run, and if you don’t allow yourself to recover properly, you put yourself at risk of injury. Arm Sleeves help recovery by improving the flow of oxygen, which accelerates repair. We always recommend wearing arm sleeves 3-5 hours post-run and, if you can, whilst you travel!