Are you a parkrunner? We are. Parkrun, for us, is a crucial part of our weekly routine that we always look forward to.

If you’re unfamiliar with parkrun, it’s a free, weekly run that happens worldwide. It’s an event where all runners (dog or pram in tow allowed) of all levels come together and run 5k. It may not sound like much compared to some of the numbers we’ve seen you lot achieve in the SKINS Strava Group, but it’s more than just a run (jog or walk).

Parkrun means something a little different to every person (or dog) that takes part. For some, it’s about achieving PBs. For others, it’s a great way to meet new people whilst being active. Then, of course, there’s being able to measure your weekly progress, and for some, it’s simply about doing something active in the great outdoors and improving their health. However, a common denominator seems to be the sense of community.

Something that maybe we’ve all felt a little detached from these past couple of years. Working from home and the world around us closing down has been isolating. Being a part of parkrun each week (when restrictions allowed) has given us a sense of community; it’s helped us feel a little less isolated and has done wonders for our mental health because, and dare we say it… it’s not always about PBs. Although smashing those PBs is a great feeling.

Not too dissimilar from parkrun, SKINS have always been about helping elite and everyday athletes achieve their own athletic excellence, whether it’s finishing their first parkrun or making it to the Olympics. Yeah, it’s incredible that elite athletes wear our compression. Still, it’s equally as incredible when the person who couldn’t imagine running 5k just three months ago is partaking in something like parkrun, and our compression is helping them on that journey. Just like parkrun, it’s never either-or; it’s both and everyone in between.

Millions of people worldwide (23 countries across five continents) participate in parkrun each week. That’s millions of people reaping the benefits of working on both their physical and mental health with something as simple as a 5k run, jog or walk. Even the UK Health Secretary is an advocate for parkrun. And although it’s not always about the PBs, having the right equipment can help ensure you’re out there every Saturday morning running (jogging or walking) up a storm. So if you’re looking for the right equipment for your Saturday morning runs, discover our curated collections below.


In layman’s terms, running economy measures the energy a runner uses when running at an aerobic intensity, and many physiological and biomechanical factors contribute to it. SKINS improve running economy by helping maximise output and keeping you running faster for longer.


Why SERIES-3? It’s specifically for runners. All SERIES-3 garments are designed with running in mind. The medium-high compression allows for enhanced blood flow and extra support, improving running economy.