Whatever your sport, SKINS Compression Sportswear helps you be the best athlete you can be.

For pro and everyday athletes, whatever the sport, the benefits of wearing SKINS Compression Sportswear are twofold. SKINS offers both performance and recovery benefits which have been proven through years of research and independent studies.


When we exercise, oxygen has a harder time making its way around our bodies. With the reduction of oxygen, our bodies start to produce lactate which is turned into energy. However, our bodies often overproduce lactate which is what leads to muscle soreness. Compression Sportswear helps increase the flow of oxygen through the body, which picks up the lactic acid build-up on its way and reduces muscle soreness. If there’s swelling, compression helps constrict the amount of blood and other fluids to the affected area; we don’t want a build-up of fluids there! In short, Compression Sportswear helps speed up recovery, whether it’s general muscle soreness and fatigue or swelling from an injury.


We keep talking about the flow of oxygen to the muscles, but studies have shown that it’s the key to delaying the onset of fatigue and the longer you can go, the better! Not only that, Compression Sportswear helps with performance by stabilising the muscles. When we’re exercising, our muscles move and vibrate, which increases instability and the risk of injury. By keeping the muscles (expertly) wrapped, we reduce those risks, and we’re able to perform better. 

But what are some other ways that SKINS Compression Sportswear helps with performance?

  • Enhanced Technique and posture
  • Improved circulation and Energy cost
  • Reduced fatigue from impact damage
  • Reduced vibration and muscle oscillation
  • Assisted proprioception

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