When SKINS Compression Sportswear meets Resolve GG.

Although for many people, eSports having seemingly come out of nowhere, they aren’t anything new; in fact, they’ve been around since the 70s.

If you don’t know much about it, eSports is a competition using video games. Just like ‘traditional’ sports, there are teams, leagues, tournaments and prizes. In addition, there are governing bodies and even scholarships and college eSports teams. However, unlike ‘traditional’ sports, the number of players per team depends on the game, and teams only play certain games meaning they only take part in particular leagues and tournaments.

People argue that eSports isn’t a ‘real’ sport, but it is. eSports athletes are trained just like traditional athletes. They practise, they learn new strategies, they work on team coordination. They train physically; they have coaches and nutritionists. They work just as hard as ‘traditional’ athletes do.

We’re thrilled to be collaborating with UKLC (the UK’s premier League of Legends competition) team, Resolve to research and develop eSports centric performance Compression Sportswear.

Resolve is a competitive eSports organisation based in the UK. Their mission is to inspire the future generation of eSports talent to be ambitious and pursue their goals with the belief that they can accomplish anything, regardless of their background. Resolve also provides coaching to the community and aims to spread awareness of contemporary issues within eSports. Through educational incentives and strong player development systems, Resolve aims to become one of the best teams in Europe and nurture the next generation of eSports professionals.

eSports are all about quick reactions, so we’ll begin our development relationship with a focus on arm sleeves for performance as well as concentrating on recovery. We’ll also be supporting the health and wellbeing of the players, utilising our resources across mental health, nutrition and training. Plus, in the meantime, eSports fans with a keen eye will notice that the Resolve first team, academy and female team will donning SKINS high-performance Compression Sportswear.

SKINS are the pioneers of Compression Sportswear, and now we’re excited to be the pioneers of Compression eSportswear.

Resolve; here’s to a beautiful friendship.

" As we move to the next stage of our journey, we are looking at ways to increase our advantage over other teams. The partnership with SKINS provides us not only with the tools to succeed but also an exciting partnership to develop products that benefit players at all levels. We are beginning to aggregate the marginal gains that manifest our holistic vision of what Resolve will be. We have a responsibility to our players, and we feel that through partnerships like this we can increase the focus on health and wellbeing within esports. We are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with SKINS."

- Ilias Pajoheshfar - Resolve CEO