Sometimes a name is just a name, but not in this case. In this case, our SKINS SERIES-5 Powershorts have earned the right to be called precisely that, Powershorts.


Our Powershorts support the power pack, the foundation of your explosive power, your upper quad muscle, hamstring and glutes. Whilst wearing them during sprinting, lifting or on the field, you are not only fully supported in that dynamic movement, but you will also be faster.

Perhaps, to understand how our Powershorts work, it’s helpful to know the history of how they came about. A few years ago, SKINS had a tech and development relationship with the Australian Rugby team. Together, we developed garments for the team that incorporated GPS trackers to track and analyse the players as well as garments that accelerated the repair of the damage caused by training and competition, plus garments that assisted players in being faster in the first four seconds of the sprint during play or training. All of these became the genesis of the SKINS Powershorts.

The technology is in the fit and the fabric. The fit is compressive, and the garment wraps the key power muscle and tendon groups; this creates the strongest of foundations to help the force produced by the body when moving dynamically. The fabric is unique to SKINS and, it’s just one of our specific warp knit fabrics. The warp knit creates tension that wraps the muscle that competitors are unable to match. When you combine the fit and the tension of the fabric, the magic happens.

That’s why we say the name says it all. The SKINS SERIES-5 Powershorts are explicitly designed to provide explosive performance in the first 4 seconds of your sprint or lift. They’re designed to support you, and they’re designed to help you hit harder in the tackle or that explosive moment. Just don’t wear them for longer than 3-4 hours because they are POWERFUL.


Track Running

100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1,500m, hurdles, steeplechase

Track Events

High jump, long jump, triple jump