And SKINS Head Running Coach Joshua Schofield BSc, UkCiRF has got a challenge for you.

SKINS Club Athletico is for any athlete who is committed to training and performance. The idea of SCA came to us on an early morning team run around Berlin, followed by a coffee to reward ourselves. It got us thinking, how can we support the SKINS community and reward them for their sweat?

You may remember our Strava 110 challenge back in January, where we had over 190,000 athletes worldwide take part, but SCA is much more exclusive. We think you’re definitely going to want to be part of it.

When you join the SCA, you’ll be a part of a like-minded community, you’ll be the first in the know when it comes to anything SKINS, and you’ll receive training tips and information from some pretty knowledgeable professionals.

There are some other perks too. You’ll get access to SKINS Head Running Coach’s 12-week training programme in real-time. You get a free SCA t-shirt because who doesn’t love (free) exclusive merch? You’ll have access to the SCA private Instagram, where you’ll find exclusive content and Q&As from coaches and athletes and one lucky member will be chosen at random to win a one-on-one 12-week digital training programme with the SKINS Head Running Coach.

If you want ALL the perks, it’s not as simple as just signing up, sorry! To gain access to the SKINS Club Athletico, you’ll need to clock 750-1,000 minutes of running throughout April. To prove your stats, join the SKINS CLUB ATHLETICO on Strava but be warned, if you don’t complete the challenge, you will be kicked out of the group.