There are many preconceived notions out there about what Compression Sportswear is, what it's meant to be like and how it's supposed to be worn. So we're here to break it down.

SKINS are quite tight.

Yes. To gain the most benefit, they need to be tight.

SKINS are a base layer.

No. They’re not a base layer worn to keep you warm (in fact, non-thermal SKINS actually help regulate your body temperature); they’re worn to help improve performance and speed up recovery.

They must be a base layer because you wear it under stuff.

Yes and no. You can wear activewear over SKINS (technically making it a base layer) or not, whatever makes you most comfortable.

But SKINS are still not a base layer in the popular understanding of the term. Unless they’re thermal, SKINS will keep you temperate, not warm.

But the point of SKINS is to help you perform better and recover faster; regulating your body temperature is a bonus.

They're hard to get on and off.

Yeah, it’s not easy because getting tight clothes on and off is never easy, especially after exercise. But with a little practice, you’ll find your flow. Anyone who’s ever worn tights will tell you that practice makes perfect.

They pinch.

That’s not good. How tight should SKINS Compression be? SKINS need to be tight and compressive, but they should NEVER pinch or restrict your movement in any way.

Our sizing can differ from your usual size, so it’s important to look at our size guides and take our recommendations into consideration.

They're not thick enough to be compressive.

No. Compression Sportswear doesn’t need to be thick to be good. SKINS are literally supposed to feel like a second skin, so why would it be thick? We’ve spent years developing a fabric that is lightweight, soft, silky, comfortable, not too thick AND compressive in all the right areas.

Compression Tights are bad for you.

No. When used appropriately, Compression Sportswear Tights promote blood flow, oxygenation, healing of micro-tears in the muscles and more. They also support muscles and reduce swelling, and Compression Sportswear has even be said to help those with sensory issues.