You know we make great Compression Sportswear but here are 5 things you probably didn't know...


SKINS have been developing and making Compression Sportswear since 1996. That’s the year Boris Becker and Monica Seles won the Tennis Australia Open, the Summer Olympic Games were held in Atlanta, and the new York Yankees won the Baseball world series.


SKINS originated in Australia and are now available worldwide. It’s not unusual to see athletes, of all levels, from all over the world wearing their SKINS in training, competition or recovery. See if you can spot the famous ‘S’ next time you head out.


Fallen over and made a hole in your SKINS? No dramas, SKINS Compression technology still works even if there’s damage to your garments. This is because our fabrics are warp knit, which means there is an extra thread locking the fabric. So not only does it mean your SKINS will still work even if they’re damaged, but it also means that SKINS have the strongest tension/compression that won’t deteriorate with time unlike other compression that doesn’t use warp knit. That means your SKINS will be with you for a while. 


SKINS are thin because they’re supposed to be, and they can be. Why would you want a thick second skin? SKINS are thin compared to other compression sportswear thanks to our warp knits and core fabric (which is exclusive to us). So what’s the difference? Other compression uses circular knit. Circular knit compression needs to use a thicker material to create a similar tension as a warp knit. 


You can tell the difference between our new SERIES ranges by the colour of their logos:

Gold = SERIES-5               

Silver = SERIES-3   

White = SERIES-1